HOA Heart Gumball Machine Tutorial

 I had a lot of fun digitizing and stitching out this new Heart Gumball Machine applique design!
I used 3D hearts and clear vinyl to really set this applique apart from the rest!
Vinyl is fun to use on appliques and can be stitched on just like fabric. I personally use the thinner vinyl, but there are several different types, you can find vinyl at your local fabric store. Joanns has it in the “home dec” section on large rolls.

Special materials I used:
Clear Vinyl
Medium Tear away Stabilizer
Stiff Craft Felt or Stiff Interfacing

First off, this design comes in 2 versions, an all applique version and the 3D version.  In this tutorial I will show you the 3D version.

Start by creating the 3D hearts. Hoop a medium tearaway stabilizer.

Spray the hoop with temp spray adhesive

Lay down the stiff felt or stiff interfacing

Stitch the guidelines and tackdown for the hearts and cut the fabric as you normally do for an applique


Flip your hoop over, spray a little temp spray on the back of your applique fabric and lay it over the coordinating heart. You can see the guideline from the first stitch set.
5 6

Follow the steps to complete all hearts and cut around the edges as you do a regular applique.


**I forgot to photograph this part** Then turn your hoop over right side up and trim the stiff felt/interfacing as you would an applique, as you can see in this closeup, the felt/interfacing is trimmed just as the fabric is


Change your bobbin to the same thread as your top thread *So the back of the heart looks pretty*


Stitch the satin outlines for the hearts


As you can see, the FRONT and BACK of the hearts are the same from using the same thread in the bobbin.

10 11

Pop out the hearts from the tear  away stabilizer and set aside.

12 13

Once you have your Gumball Machine applique parts stitched, lay the hearts INSIDE of the globe of the gumball machine then lay your vinyl overtop being sure the hearts are not in the stitch path.

14 15

Then stitch the tack down for the globe and cut the edges of the vinyl just as you would a regular applique. Be VERY careful not to snip the tackdown threads.

16 17

Then finish the applique with the satin stitches and detail stitches as normal.
Here is the finished product! How C-U-T-E is that!
This design can be purchased on my website http://www.hookedonapplique.com


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Embroider a dress in 1 hooping with 2 designs!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share this neat technique I used for stitching on my Christmas dresses from Blanks Boutique! I hooped once and stitched 2 designs! Here is what the finished product looks like…. cute right? :)

I used my 6 x 10 hoop, I used a 3.5 inch monogram and a 4.85 inch applique. I used my Singer Hyperfont software to convert the font Sweethearts Script for the monogram, I changed the parameters to density 3 & selected the fill underlay. For the applique I used 2 Hooked On Applique designs and merged them, 1st the Scallop Frame (I removed the inner layer)  and the Santa Face.


I like to use chalk to mark the middle of the dress.


I hoop a layer of no show mesh cutaway stabilizer, I use Pellon Soft N Stay which you can find at your local Joanns.


I then spray lightly the top portion of my stabilizer with a temporary spray adhesive, I like to use Elmer’s Craft Bond, you can find it at Walmart in the craft section for about $5. Just remember a little goes a long way.


I flippped the dress inside out and placed the top of the collar to the top edge of my hoop, aligning the chalk line to the notch on my hoop. Remember the inside of the dress is what lays against the stabilizer.


I then smooth out the top are of the dress and pin all around. I then roll all the edges up and clip with large plastic clips to keep the dress from sliding under the hoop. The clips you can find at the Dollar Tree in the closet/laundry organization section. As you can see the bottom of the hoop is not being used at this point.

5   6

I slipped a layer of medium tearaway stabilizer under and floated it under the hoop where the monogram was to prevent puckering, then I  put my hoop on the machine and stitched the monogram. (I forgot to add water soluble stabilizer to the top before the monogram, but it still came out okay)


When the monogram was finished I took the hoop off the machine and brought it back over to my workstation. I unclipped and unpinned the top monogram and sprayed a light mist of temp spray on the bottom portion of the stabilizer and lined up the bottom corner of the dress to the bottom corner of the hoop.



11 12

I smoothed the fabric out and pinned just as I did the top monogram.


I slid another layer of tearaway underneath, put the hoop back on my machine and stitched the applique.


Here are a few pictures of what my hoop looked like when it was finished..

19 20

Then the last step I did was remove all the pins, removed the dress from the hoop and cut the stabilizer away :)


I love the way it turned out! I used this technique on a 18mnth, 2T, 3T and 4T dress from Blanks Boutique.

In the Santa Face applique I used Riley Blake Christmas dots fabric from Sue Sews, red sequin material from Joanns, white minky for the beard and white glitter canvas from Hobby Lobby (found in the felt section)  for the hat.


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Happy Stitching!!

How to make corker ribbon

Hey everyone! This is a quick tutorial on how I make corker ribbon for bows, accents for my appliques, ect… It’s pretty easy and I am sure there are other ways to do this, but this is just how I do it :)

Wooden dowels- Use any size but I used 5mm diameter dowels
Grosgrain ribbon- I used 3/8 in
Wooden clothespins
Water & or Spray Starch
Oven & cookie sheet (optional)

Using the oven speeds up the drying process, so set your oven to 250 degrees.


Now you are going to wrap your ribbon around your dowel and secure the end with a clothespin…

2 3

Wrap your ribbon in a spiral around the dowel and secure with another clothespin at the opposite end…

4 5

Wet down your dowel with water, then place on your cookie sheet..

6 7

8 9

Now that the ribbon is wet, spray them real good with starch…


Place the cookie sheet in the oven and bake for about 10 minutes or until the ribbon is dry.


Once they are dry, unwind them from the dowels and you have corker ribbon!

12 13

I used some of this in my witches cauldron applique. You can find this design on my website Hooked On Applique

Couldron large

I hope you all found this helpful!

Happy Stitching!

Hooked On Applique

Tutorial: Ribbon edge tutu

Hi everyone! Today I made this ribbon tutu for my niece! She is having a cheerleading themed birthday party, so I thought this would be cute with her shirt! This was my first one, so its not perfect, but I think it came out cute :) The ONLY thing that was frustrating for me was lining that tulle up right  (which ended up off on mine anyways).

Materials you need:

1 inch elastic
6-12 yards of tulle. (if you want a tutu like mine use 6, if you want a really poofy pageant style skirt use 12)
6-12 yards of 3/4 inch ribbon. (if you use 6 yrds of tulle you will need 6 yards of ribbon, ect)

How to determine the size:

Measure the waist of the child for the elastic

Measure the child from waist to the bottom of the knee, that’s how long you want your tutu to be. So if its 10 inches, you will cut your tulle for 2 10inch wide pieces by however many yards you use.

For my tutu I used all of the tulle with no waste, it fits a 3t-4t size.

First I sewed the ribbon to the edge of the tulle…


I then unfolded my 6yrds of tulle and laid out flat, and cut straight up the middle so I had 2 equal pieces of 6yrd tulle…


Then I lay the 2 pieces on top of each other, used pins to keep it in place, then folded that in half, so I had 4 layers… All 4 edges were on one side
DSC_0066 DSC_0068

DSC_0070 DSC_0072

Then bring your tulle to your sewing machine and sew a 1.25 inch casing so you can run the elastic through…


Clip a safety pin to one end of the elastic and run the elastic through the casing..


Then sew your two sides of elastic together, being sure to back stitch in the beginning and end..


And there you have it! Heat seal the ends of your ribbon and you  are all done! Now if you are a little off on your tulle underneath, you may need to trim it so its even with the outer layer.


Again, if you want a REALLY poofy tutu, use more tulle!