HOA Heart Gumball Machine Tutorial

 I had a lot of fun digitizing and stitching out this new Heart Gumball Machine applique design!
I used 3D hearts and clear vinyl to really set this applique apart from the rest!
Vinyl is fun to use on appliques and can be stitched on just like fabric. I personally use the thinner vinyl, but there are several different types, you can find vinyl at your local fabric store. Joanns has it in the “home dec” section on large rolls.

Special materials I used:
Clear Vinyl
Medium Tear away Stabilizer
Stiff Craft Felt or Stiff Interfacing

First off, this design comes in 2 versions, an all applique version and the 3D version.  In this tutorial I will show you the 3D version.

Start by creating the 3D hearts. Hoop a medium tearaway stabilizer.

Spray the hoop with temp spray adhesive

Lay down the stiff felt or stiff interfacing

Stitch the guidelines and tackdown for the hearts and cut the fabric as you normally do for an applique


Flip your hoop over, spray a little temp spray on the back of your applique fabric and lay it over the coordinating heart. You can see the guideline from the first stitch set.
5 6

Follow the steps to complete all hearts and cut around the edges as you do a regular applique.


**I forgot to photograph this part** Then turn your hoop over right side up and trim the stiff felt/interfacing as you would an applique, as you can see in this closeup, the felt/interfacing is trimmed just as the fabric is


Change your bobbin to the same thread as your top thread *So the back of the heart looks pretty*


Stitch the satin outlines for the hearts


As you can see, the FRONT and BACK of the hearts are the same from using the same thread in the bobbin.

10 11

Pop out the hearts from the tear  away stabilizer and set aside.

12 13

Once you have your Gumball Machine applique parts stitched, lay the hearts INSIDE of the globe of the gumball machine then lay your vinyl overtop being sure the hearts are not in the stitch path.

14 15

Then stitch the tack down for the globe and cut the edges of the vinyl just as you would a regular applique. Be VERY careful not to snip the tackdown threads.

16 17

Then finish the applique with the satin stitches and detail stitches as normal.
Here is the finished product! How C-U-T-E is that!
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