How to make corker ribbon

Hey everyone! This is a quick tutorial on how I make corker ribbon for bows, accents for my appliques, ect… It’s pretty easy and I am sure there are other ways to do this, but this is just how I do it :)

Wooden dowels- Use any size but I used 5mm diameter dowels
Grosgrain ribbon- I used 3/8 in
Wooden clothespins
Water & or Spray Starch
Oven & cookie sheet (optional)

Using the oven speeds up the drying process, so set your oven to 250 degrees.


Now you are going¬†to wrap your ribbon around your dowel and secure the end with a clothespin…

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Wrap your ribbon in a spiral around the dowel and secure with another clothespin at the opposite end…

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Wet down your dowel with water, then place on your cookie sheet..

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Now that the ribbon is wet, spray them real good with starch…


Place the cookie sheet in the oven and bake for about 10 minutes or until the ribbon is dry.


Once they are dry, unwind them from the dowels and you have corker ribbon!

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I used some of this in my witches cauldron applique. You can find this design on my website Hooked On Applique

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I hope you all found this helpful!

Happy Stitching!

Hooked On Applique