Embroider a dress in 1 hooping with 2 designs!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share this neat technique I used for stitching on my Christmas dresses from Blanks Boutique! I hooped once and stitched 2 designs! Here is what the finished product looks like…. cute right? :)

I used my 6 x 10 hoop, I used a 3.5 inch monogram and a 4.85 inch applique. I used my Singer Hyperfont software to convert the font Sweethearts Script for the monogram, I changed the parameters to density 3 & selected the fill underlay. For the applique I used 2 Hooked On Applique designs and merged them, 1st the Scallop Frame (I removed the inner layer)  and the Santa Face.


I like to use chalk to mark the middle of the dress.


I hoop a layer of no show mesh cutaway stabilizer, I use Pellon Soft N Stay which you can find at your local Joanns.


I then spray lightly the top portion of my stabilizer with a temporary spray adhesive, I like to use Elmer’s Craft Bond, you can find it at Walmart in the craft section for about $5. Just remember a little goes a long way.


I flippped the dress inside out and placed the top of the collar to the top edge of my hoop, aligning the chalk line to the notch on my hoop. Remember the inside of the dress is what lays against the stabilizer.


I then smooth out the top are of the dress and pin all around. I then roll all the edges up and clip with large plastic clips to keep the dress from sliding under the hoop. The clips you can find at the Dollar Tree in the closet/laundry organization section. As you can see the bottom of the hoop is not being used at this point.

5   6

I slipped a layer of medium tearaway stabilizer under and floated it under the hoop where the monogram was to prevent puckering, then I  put my hoop on the machine and stitched the monogram. (I forgot to add water soluble stabilizer to the top before the monogram, but it still came out okay)


When the monogram was finished I took the hoop off the machine and brought it back over to my workstation. I unclipped and unpinned the top monogram and sprayed a light mist of temp spray on the bottom portion of the stabilizer and lined up the bottom corner of the dress to the bottom corner of the hoop.



11 12

I smoothed the fabric out and pinned just as I did the top monogram.


I slid another layer of tearaway underneath, put the hoop back on my machine and stitched the applique.


Here are a few pictures of what my hoop looked like when it was finished..

19 20

Then the last step I did was remove all the pins, removed the dress from the hoop and cut the stabilizer away :)


I love the way it turned out! I used this technique on a 18mnth, 2T, 3T and 4T dress from Blanks Boutique.

In the Santa Face applique I used Riley Blake Christmas dots fabric from Sue Sews, red sequin material from Joanns, white minky for the beard and white glitter canvas from Hobby Lobby (found in the felt section)  for the hat.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you found it helpful!  Please stop by and “LIKE” my facebook page Hooked On Applique to stay updated with sales and tutorials!

Happy Stitching!!