In~The~Hoop Closet Dividers Instructions

ITH Closet Dividers Instructions

*You can purchase these designs from my website Hooked On Applique*

I recommend using tearaway or heavy wash away stabilizer in your hoop, and layering a piece of stiff craft felt, batting or stiff interfacing under your fabric to keep the dividers stable.

1- hoop stabilizer, stitch placement stitch…

2- Lay down stiff felt/interfacing and your fabric, stich tackdown, trim edges…


3- Stitch wording, letters, ect as normal…

4- take your hoop off and turn hoop upside down, spray temp adhesive, layer your interfacing/felt and fabric (just as you did for the top), put hoop back on RIGHT side up (your fabric will be on the bottom)..


5- Stitch the tackdown again, this will secure the fabric for the backside of your divider, remove hoop and trim edges just as you did on the front.1062359_680391817913_254743465_n

This step allows you to have a nice clean front and back to your divider, the backside of the stitches for any wording are hidden.

6-  Put matching thread in your bobbin, Stitch the finishing satin stitch…


You are all done! Enjoy! These make GREAT baby shower gifts!

Heat N Bond Lite Tutorial

Heat N Bond Lite Tutorial

Heat N Bond Lite is a very important product to use on your applique fabrics to keep your fabrics from wrinkling before/after washing. HNBL adheres your applique fabric to the item your item/garment. HNBL also keeps the fabric ends from fraying. Here is a quick tutorial I put together to explain how to applique using HNBL.

In this tutorial I used HNBL not only to prevent wrinkles, but to keep the edges of my fabric from fraying since I was using a raggy type design with no satin finish. You can purchase this design from my website Hooked On Applique.

Below is a picture example of the difference HNBL can make in your applique appearance….

How to Applique

Hello fellow crafters! Today i’m going to share with you how to create APPLIQUE’s with an embroidery machine. Applique is my favorite type of embroidery to do on my machine. I have a Singer Futura Quartet that I absolutely love! With APPLIQUE’s you use fabric as your fills in a design giving you endless possibilities to each design. I love fabric, so thats probably why I love applique so much, lol.. It also saves you on thread b/c majority of the design is covered with fabric. You can purchase applique design files online just like a regular embroidery design. Visit my website HookedOnApplique to purchase this Candle Numbers design set along with my other designs!